domingo, 11 de mayo de 2008


I don't like romantic comedies. Well, I do like that pathetic movie gender, but at the same time I totally hate it. I hate it because neither the curly hair of Tom Hanks or the smile of Meg Ryan or even the wired nose of Owen Wilson helps me forget. The Pixies sang "I can't foget but I can't remember what". Damn! That's whats goin' on on my mind. I just can't forget 'cos those stupid movies where those I used to stare with the freaky moon. My friend of the parallel realities told me not to cloud my mind. I won't. Is just that after watchin' one of those stupid, stupid movies I totally felt that the will of not makin' what I won't came down.

But here I'm. Strong and on the line. And I won't make anything stupid like people do in those "creativityless" movies.